Milenko was born in Serbia and grew up in Belgrade. As a young man, he studied medicine (Stomatoloski Fakultet- University of Belgrade) for three years until he descovered his love for art. He left  medical school and took classes at Drawing and Painting School in Belgrade with art professor Sergije Jovanovic'


His early work from the seventies and eighties are in a surrealistic style, influenced by Magritte and Dali. In 1979 he joined The Painting School of Machva with the renowned painter Milic' de Machva, after which he mounted group and solo exhibitions in Serbian art galleries..


In 1984 Milenko moved from Belgrade (Serbia ) to Dubrovnik (Croatia ). Because of political turmoil as Yugoslavia was splitting into different countries, Milenko moved to the US  in 1989 to Charlottesville, Virginia. He learned English and started showing his work at galleries and art shows in Virginia and Washington DC.


Today Milenko's  studio is in Afton, VA, twenty miles west of Charlottesville, VA, in beautiful Nelson County at foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. His work is in acrylic, pencil and crayon on canvas and board


 Seeing with New Eyes by Rebecca M. Alvin

"Milenko Katic’s complexly layered paintings reveal both the artist’s deep connection to his proverbial “inner child,” and his dismay at the direction the world has taken. Depending on which series you are looking at from his 40-year-plus career as an artist, you may see evidence of either side of that spectrum. This week, Provincetown’s Kobalt Gallery will present a solo show of Katic’s more recent works."







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